Living the Uncovered Art

Excitement is one emotion I'm feeling as I type these first words.  But I'll admit...they are laced with doubt and a "why" question in mind, but hey...that is just fear talking, right?  You see, I wouldn't label myself as a "writer" or even among the very wise.  English was not one of my "comfort zone" subjects in took a lot of work!  So why write??  Well, I pray this blog becomes an answer to a call: To live the art I'm called to offer.

I recently finished a lovely book entitled A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman. About halfway through, daughter asked me what I was reading, and as I tried to explained the soul feeding truths I had been gleaning, she asked me if Emily was my friend.  After giggling a bit, I actually said "yes, yes she is," though I haven't been given the chance to meet her in person (yet!).  You see, the art that Emily lives out is encouragement.  She has a beautiful way of helping her rea…